50 Resort Way, Ellsworth, ME 04605

Frequently Asked Questions


Acadia Village Resort SignAre you open all year?

Yes, we are open all year. Because the Coast of Maine tends to have less snow than the western and northern parts of Maine, there is less opportunities for skiing and snowmobiling in our area. Because of this, winter tends to be the slowest season here at Acadia Village Resort.

Do you allow pets?

No, we do not allow pets at any time. There is a $500 fee for any guest or owner found to have a pet in their unit.

Do your units have air conditioning?

Our Townhouse units do not have air conditioning, but our Villa and Manor units do have air conditioning. An easy way to remember is that our units with Friday check-in do have it, and the units that check-in on Saturday do not.

Do you rent units by the day? By the week?

Yes, we usually have units available for rent all throughout the year. It does vary on the number of owners who have put their units up for rent for a specific time. Rental rates for the current year are available on the rentals page.

How old is Acadia Village Resort?

We have had 3 different stages of development, so the units do vary as to when they were completed. The Townhouses were completed in 1992, the Villas in 2002, and the Manor building was completed in 2004.

Should I be a member of Club Interval Gold?

For owners who only travel once a year or once every two years, probably not. For an owner who wants to take a “once-in-a-lifetime” vacation, it would be a great way to accomplish that goal. Membership at the Club Interval Gold (CIG) level can be changed at any time, so upgrading your membership to take that vacation makes sense for most owners. Owners who want to travel 2 weeks at a time or take multiple shorter vacations, then this is the plan for you! Contact the resort for more details.