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2024 Pool Membership/Ownership Special

If you are thinking of getting a pool membership then you might want to consider an alternative; buying an off season alternating week.  If you are confident that you would use the pool membership for the next two years, you can save a lot of money and gain some additional benefits.

The 2024 Pool Membership costs $350 for 6 months or $650 for the year.  With the membership you would get use of the pool, game room, and gym for yourself and your family.  (One generation up and down).  Total for two years:  $1300


The price for an alternating year timeshare in the Townhouse section is $100.  You would also have to pay for maintenance fees (every other year) which for 2024 will be $545 and you will need to pay the city taxes, which run under $20 per year.  The total for the first year would be $665 and the second year would be less than $20.  (Just the city taxes)  With the purchase of a timeshare week, you get all the benefits of the pool membership for you and your family plus some additional benefits. Total for two years:  $685!

The big benefit, aside from the $615 savings is that you also get a week of ownership that you can use in two ways:  You or a family/friend can stay here on our property for the week that you own or you can trade your week within the Interval Vacation Ownership system and stay somewhere else.  There are extra costs for the 2nd option but they are quite small.

For example, if you wanted to go to Orlando or Hawaii in February.   As an owner, you could pay for your interval membership ($99) and an exchange fee ($209) and that would be the total for your lodging.  The rest is already paid.  Once every two years, you can take a vacation at one of more than 3000 resorts worldwide.

Finally, there is the great fear of timeshare ownership; how do I get out if I don’t like it?!  If you sign up with us, after two years have passed but before you pay your 2nd  maintenance fee, we will allow you to opt out by paying $130 which is the cost associated with transferring the deed back to the resort.  If after longer than two years, you pay one year’s maintenance fees plus $50.  There’s really no way you can lose.

We think everyone should consider Vacation Ownership because it can be a great way to travel and save money.  Regardless of what you choose, we welcome you to the Acadia Village Resort.


Acadia Village Resort – Affordable Vacation Ownership