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Acadia Village Resort Vacation Ownership

About Vacation Ownership

Dreaming of lying in the warm Caribbean sun, watching the fireworks over Cinderella's Castle in Disney World, winning the jackpot at a casino in Vegas, taking in the beautiful views from the Eiffel Tower? These don't have to be dreams and you don't have to be a victim of "maybe someday". We at Acadia Village Resort can help you turn your dreams into reality by making vacationing a priority in your life. Goodbye to "someday", hello to Vacation Ownership.

Vacation Ownership entitles you to all the benefits of owning a vacation home without all the responsibilities of traditional homeownership. Making it possible to see the world, return to favorite locations, and embark on new adventures in a cost-effective way that benefits you, your family, and most importantly your wallet.

Acadia Village Resort offers fixed-week ownership. This is a deeded unit for a single specified week that is either every year or every other year. With three different types of units to choose from (townhouse, villa, or manor) with prices starting at only $100, making timeshare ownership accessible and affordable for everyone!

There are many benefits of Vacation Ownership but many of our owners will tell you that the number one benefit is ensuring that they make time to vacation and in the process create lasting memories with their family & friends. Vacation Owners no longer say "maybe someday". Local owners love that ownership gives them & their family year-round access to all of the facilities (pool, hot tub, fitness room, game room, & more) that the resort has to offer for less than it would cost for a gym membership elsewhere.

We are affiliated with Interval International which is a comprehensive exchange program with over 3,000 resorts in over 80 nations. Once you are a member of Interval you are able to take your week at Acadia Village Resort and "deposit" it with Interval International and travel whenever and wherever you want based on availability.

Why Vacation Ownership


  • Spend a fraction of the cost incurred with traditional travel
  • Vacation Ownership allows you to spend your money wisely compared to traditional travel with can easily cost you thousands.
  • Pay one low fee for excellent accommodations all over the world.


  • Vacation Ownership allows you to travel when you want to.
  • Customize your vacation to fit your style.
  • Share endless vacation opportunities with your family & friends.


  • Travel the world or stay near home the choice is yours.
  • Enjoy resort style getaways or sail the seas on a cruise.
  • Choose from a variety of accommodation sizes (one or more bedrooms).

Our Units

Acadia Village Resort has 3 different types of units, each of which is suitable for different uses:

2 Bedroom Sleep 6 Townhouse 

Units 11-46 are townhouse units. These are two-story units that have Saturday check-in/check-out days.  These units all have a jacuzzi room with a large whirlpool tub, air conditioning, washer & dryer, fully equipped kitchen, and 2 & 1/2 bathrooms.

Side Villa
2 Bedroom Sleep 8 Villa

Units 51-62 are Villas. They are single story units and have Friday check-in/check-out days. All Villas have wall air conditioning units. Villas can be split into two smaller units (2 1-bedroom/sleep 4 units) for multiple exchange weeks by owners.


3 Bedroom Sleep 10 Manor

They are located in a single three-story building with no elevator. Unit 71 is the bottom floor, unit 72 middle floor, and unit 73 is the top floor. Each unit consists of the entire floor. Manors have Friday check-in/check-out days and have central air conditioning. Manors can be split into two smaller units for exchange purposes. A-side units are 2-bedroom/sleep 6 and the B-side units are 1-bedroom/sleep 4 units.

Frequently Asked Questions

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